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About Me

        The artist was born in the Çomaklı village of Van in 1967. His interest in painting showed itself before he even started school. His paintings were shaped according to the living conditions of the region where he was born. The artist made his first drawings on the walls of the tandoori in the village. He developed the pictures he made with nails on the tandoor walls at a young age and discovered the technique he is currently doing best, painting with nails, for the first time in those years. Completing his education life in Van, the artist achieved his first success in those years by receiving awards many times during his school years. After completing his education, the artist moved to Istanbul to further his studies and produce more works. But he couldn't just paint because he was now married and had three children. He worked as a signed poster to earn money during the day and continued to paint in the evenings. His passion for painting was increasing day by day and he was creating more and more works. When his works reached maturity, he left signage and established his own art workshop. Focusing on women's emotions in her works, the artist tried to portray women's feelings with her nails and brush, by drawing different spaces in her designs. The artist, who also received criticism for her nude works, continued to express women's feelings and saw this as a style. The artist became famous for using nails instead of brushes in his paintings, which he made with his technique, is extraordinary all over the world, and was known as the Picasso of the East. The artist has worked in 4 different countries and continues to work with many art galleries. He is currently continuing his painting works in his workshop in Şişli. He also regularly exhibits his work in galleries in Australia, Norway, England, and Dubai.


-Ankara Sanat Fuarı, Ankara, 2022

-İAAF Exhibition, Istanbul Antique & Art Fair, Istanbul, 2021

-Bellek Sergisi, İdil Galeri, İstanbul, 2021

-Deyim Art Gallery, İstanbul, 2020

-Red Sock, Tanevi Kültür Avlusu- Avluartspace, İstanbul, 2019

-Artankara, Ankara, 2018

-The Galliard , Dubai, 2018

-Natural Life Touches İnternational Exhibition Art, Yunanistan, 2018

-Nişart Gallery, İstanbul, 2017

-R.C. Bilkent Gallery, Ankara, 2017

-Contemporary Arts, Ankara, 2017

-Gallery Apollon, İstanbul, 2017

-Esenboğa Airport, Ankara, 2017

-Gallery İdil, İstanbul, 2016

-Lütfi Kırdar Kongre Merkezi, İstanbul, 2016

-Van Ticaret Odası, 2016

-CKM Culture Center, İstanbul, 2014

-Deyim Art Gallery İstanbul, 2013

-Ankara Sıhhiye (Mixed), 16 Şubat 2012

-Beşiktaş-İstanbul Bahçeşehir University, 15 Mart 2012

-Büyükçekmece Karavanserayı, İstanbul, 4 Ağustos 2012

-Harbiye Military Museum, 5 Haziran 2011

-Van Akdamar Adası, 13 Eylül 2011 TBMM Necati Kültür Merkezi, Ankara, 25 Ekim 2011

-Üsküdar-Altunizade Belediyesi Exhibition Hall (Mixed), İstanbul, 25 Kasım 2011

-Van Belediyesi Sergi Salonu, 27 Nisan 2010

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